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Golden Empire Region’s past president Rodney Harrison (GrapevineJune 2000) once wrote:
“For a club to be successful, it needs to have purpose.  What I have written below is not a mission statement, nor is it a comprehensive purpose statement.  It is simply what I believe to be great reasons to be involved in GEM.
  • Porsche ownership is best experienced with those who appreciate the qualities that make a Porsche special.
  • GEM’s charity and community involvement makes our community a better place to live.
  • Monthly events give you an excuse to take the car out and enjoy it.
  • Monthly events count as “spending quality time together.”
  • The Newsletter and Panorama provide great information on keeping your Porsche healthy and happy.
  • When something goes wrong, you have a list of phone numbers to call for friendly advice.
  • Driving tours let one see beautiful roads normally overlooked.
  • Driving Events allow you to drive your Porsche to your limits legally.
  • Active membership allows you to use your gifts and talents to benefit others.
  • PCA members often receive discounts on Porsche Parts at dealerships, and other club friendly locations.
  • Golden Empire Region members will have unique access to posting comments and interacting online with other members via our new web site.

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