Welcome to Porsche Club of America – Golden Empire Region!

Golden Empire Region is proudly serving Bakersfield and the Southern San Joaquin Valley of California.


Hacienda MotelThe Golden Empire Region (GEM) Porsche Club of America was founded in 1979 in Bakersfield, at the now historically demolished Hacienda Motel which was located on Union Ave. In early 1979, Mr. Bill Profeta ran across an ad for the Porsche Club of America and then contacted officials to find out about starting a local club here, in Bakersfield. He then placed an ad in the Bakersfield Californian to invite all local Porsche owners and enthusiasts for a gathering to form the new PCA region at the Hacienda Motel. To get people excited, there were a several Porsches displayed in the main ballroom, including Dr. Bender’s 930 Turbo. In September of 1979, there were 25 members of this little group to be sanctioned as a new PCA charter, and Mr. Bill Profeta was appointed to be the charter president for the first 6 months. The group enjoyed autocross events, gymkhanas, and social events. In fact, club’s first event was an autocross in the parking lot next to the hotel!

Classic-PorscheA couple of those original members are still active in the club today. They are Greg Fullmer and Mark Manda. Through the great contributions, participation, and the collective dedication of many members that have joined since its inception, Golden Empire Region became thriving and successful organization and is now recognized as “the little region that could” throughout PCA Zone 8 and PCA national. Through a number of GEM’s charity events, including Autocross, Concours d’Elegance, club raffles, and multiple driving tours, we have supported our primary charity — the MARE Foundation.

From the very beginning, Golden Empire emerged a group of Porsche enthusiasts that could meet and not only appreciate one another’s automotive dreams, but gather to create a family of friends that could share their passion for the Porsche cars. We are proud to be members of this region and look forward to the continued support of our dedicated Board Members and the region members to make our region one of the most dynamic and fun groups in PCA Zone 8.

2023 Golden Empire Region’s Board of Directors:

President – Charles Anderson – Email: PCAGERPresident@gmail.com

Vice President – Farid Ibrahim (Vacant) – Email: PCAGERVicePresident@gmail.com

Treasurer – Sean Tieu – Email: PCAGERTreasurer@gmail.com

Secretary – Sehzan Bhura – Email: PCAGERSecretary@gmail.com

2020 – 2022 Golden Empire Region’s Board of Directors:

President – Patrick Wadman

Vice President – Mike Shell

Secretary – Jose Torres

Treasurer – Charles Anderson

GEM Past Presidents:

1979 Bill Profeta

1980 Barbara Webb

1981 Cy Young & Bob Jones

1982 Bob Jones & Mark Manda

1983 Mark Manda & Tim Cowe

1984 Tim Cowe

1985 Greg Fullmer

1986 Greg Fullmer

1987 Leonard Liboon

1988 John Houts

1989 John Flinchbaugh

1990 Greg Fullmer

1991 John Houts

1992 Jim Walderon

1993 John Houts

1994 Michael Bennett

1995 Juanita Bennett

1996 Rodney Harrison

1997 Rodney Harrison

1998 Greg Fullmer

1999 Greg Fullmer

2000 Rodney Harrison

2001 Rodney Harrison

2002 Tony Garcia

2003 Tony Garcia

2004 Pat Wadman

2005 Pat Wadman

2006 Pat Wadman

2007 Tony Garcia

2008 Pat Wadman

2009 Tony Garcia

2010 Pat Wadman

2011 Pat Wadman

2012 Pat Wadman

2013 Omar Olivas

2014 Omar Olivas

2015 Linn Christopher

2016 Loren Stumbaugh

2017 Robert Goon

2018 Loren Stumbaugh, Tammy Harris (pro-tem)

2019-2022 Patrick Wadman